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Someone in my guild bought this and said it worked fine. It took about 24 hours for delivery. You have to buy it from the UK so you're paying in pounds sterling, but at the current exchange rate, its about $18. Not bad for 90-days. I just bought this myself.

I'm making no warranties or claims about the validity or trustworthiness of this offer, by the way. Just passing along something that was passed to me.
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So any good dominator can trash ye olde NB/RS spec. But can they beat Sin? Turns out nope. This spec isn't quite as versatile as NB/RS but it has the advantage of being strong in the current mage-heavy metagame.

32 Sin / 18 RS / 16 NB

The main advantage to this spec is that its not really expected. With permastealth and vanish, you'll have the opener when you want it, and between Fell Blades and Leeching Poison, you get a good amount of healing. I've been experimenting using this with the Hammerknell 2-pc Assassin crystal instead of the PvP crystal and it does seem very powerful in some situations.

This spec is really a 1v1 spec and should be used for world PvP and in Warfronts like Whitefall and Codex where 1v1 and small group situations are more common. Its a lot less useful in Libarary or Scion.

Here's the builder macro I use:

#show Puncture
cast Backstab
cast Puncture
cast Dusk Strike
cast Twilight Force
cast Primal Strike
cast Fiery Spike

For finishers, keep Impale up and use Final Blow the rest of the time. Don't forget about Foul Play.

On a caster, usually I open with Jagged Strike, do an immediate Shadow Assault, then Foul Play, Impale, Backstab, Puncture, before they are even able to get out of Foul Play or CC me. Then I'll Shadow Stalk out of their CC and finish them with a Final Blow or use an offensive Slip Away to re-open with Assassinate to finish.

I'm still not a huge fan of the Assassin soul, but who wants to play FOTM specs all the time? A little variety never hurt anyone.
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I made this post on the SWTOR forums:
*CONFIRMED* Guaranteed Trick for Early Access 
I'm not sure if this will work for everyone else but it did work for me.
Negative Ghostrider is currenty recruiting a Tank/DPS warrior for Hammerknell Fortress. Normally, we have a 2 week recruitment process, but because we have an immediate need, we can guarantee early access to our raids, beginning this week.
We could also use a rogue. 
For more details please check my blog:
The thread got 10 replies and was deleted within 45 second. This site got 16 referrals from those forums in that time. If you don't know why I'm amused, its because they are only letting a few people into SWTOR at a time, so the vast majority of pre-orders can't play now, but they can rage on the forums. Its pretty funny, unless you care a lot about the game.

Troll on, bros.
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