1.7 Looks like a big patch for not just rogues, but everyone. Infernal Dawn will soon be entering open testing, the PvP system is getting a complete overhaul, and several rogue souls are getting buffed or tweaked. Most of it, I like. First, what I consider the biggest news, the PvP overhaul. From some Trion talking head:

PVP planar attunement & Prestige system revamp and more!
Last but definitely not least we have a number PVP improvements coming with this patch focused on improving a player’s PVP leveling experience while still keeping the matches as competitive as possible. New level 50 players who are placed in both ranked and non ranked matches will have their base stats automatically bolstered to a minimum level, allowing them to be more than just a speed bump for a higher level player.
For existing PVP players, Items purchased from the Prestige store will get the same improvements as the rest of the game, making sure that the jump in power between each set of items is more consistent.  In addition we are removing the prestige rank requirements from many of the items, which will give players more freedom when choosing to purchase / upgrade PVP equipment. 
Speaking of ranks we will be adjusting the Prestige Rank system to have significantly more ranks, players will have their old rank automatically mapped to the new rank. With these new Ranks come new rewards, including costume versions of PVP armor sets, Planar Attunement Points, and more.
Additionally, we will be doing away with our existing PVP Souls. Moving forward we want PVP players to be able to play the soul combination they want to play and not have to worry about sacrificing soul points to obtain PVP bonuses. Instead we have taken many of the popular bonuses & abilities from these soul trees and placed them in a NEW planar attunement tree specifically focused on PVP.
Finally, we are continuing to look into a number of improvements for warfront queue’s and matchmaking which will be released in a future PTS update in the next few weeks.  So keep tuned for more information!
I've long favored having the PvP trees as always-on instead of the soul that requires you to dump points from elsewhere, even before I heard of Planar Attunement. This new method sounds like just the ticket, if done properly. If not, it will be a mess.

PvP Attunement means greater versatility for everyone and a wider range of viable specs. It will make PvP a lot more interesting. It also means that getting caught in a PvE spec won't be quite so punishing as it is now.

Unfortunately, they seem to be too focused on matchmaking and on bolstering low-rank players. I think this is a mistake. While certainly no one likes being a "speed bump" for a Big Bad P8, it is a necessary part of a player's gaming development and its exactly what any game requires to build and maintain a loyal following.

I haven't discussed the Hero Factor before, and I may do that in a blog post soon, but what Trion is consistently doing in raids and now PvP is attempting to remove the disparity between the Best-of-the-Best and the Average Casual. This is a mistake. It ignores player psychology and falls firmly into the category of giving players what they ask for, instead of what they actually want (but don't know it).

Seeing the champions that killed Akylios wearing full Relic gear, or getting steamrolled by a team of badasses in full P8 gear has positive effects. It makes you aware of what your class is capable of and it makes you want to be that player, or that team, or that guild. This sends you out into the community to grow and learn as a player. It builds the community and creates a tiered system that players can climb as they wish.

Players may ask that the system be removed, but in reality, its this very system that makes the game fun. You can't be a hero if you've never had to overcome obstacles. Its not heroic to cruise to an easy victory in a raid or to grind out middling slogs in warfronts.

I hope Trion focuses more on the mechanics that make the game fun and less on making everyone the same.
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Ahzmoden said...

I'm a big fan of the changes (barring any major issues with the final design/implementation). The PvP PA system is more like the Realm Ability system in DAoC. Changing from 8 ranks to dozens or even hundreds of ranks provides more consistent progression with less extreme jumps in rewards along the way.

Positive changes overall, looking forward to it.

January 13, 2012 at 4:12 PM  
Gman said...

Some, lik me have worked continously on pvp gear. If my gear can translate to the hit gear in dungeons, I'm all for it. Otherwise, not cool of Trion to implement these changes.

January 14, 2012 at 10:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

From what I understand it's going to equall the low slacker pvp ppl with the hard working high pvp ppl May I say that this is shame . Trion u simply can't do that it will make us quit pvp if not the whole game . Go change a name of rare mob, add quest to some places , or add new content to pve world but what ever you do u don't equall low rank pvp ppl with high rank ppl . I'm not sure if understood it right but hope I'm not . Keep your comments guys

January 14, 2012 at 11:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

R1 and R2's are supposed to be speed bumps for R8's. Don't follow Blizzards path, Trion.

January 15, 2012 at 1:13 PM  
Fuiltua said...

How about a game that requires skill vs gear? That's what I'm hoping for aka GW2.

January 24, 2012 at 8:34 AM