These crystals look fairly amazing overall for those of us who enjoy melee rogue. Obviously some things are unfinished or bugged, as they show a bonus of +0 but we can still extrapolate some data.

A poster on the forum said he tested and the MM bonus is 10% energy reduction and the BD bonus is 1% per stack up to 20 stacks, and it self-refreshes.

This makes the BD crystal the best one by far, especially considering every raiding spec right now uses BD. The 4 piece bonus is junk, but thats fine.

The Nightblade crystal will be extremely awesome for PvP. I'm not sure if their will be a way to get multiple synergy crystals, but if so, running 4 piece R2 in PvP as Nightblade will rock, with 30% bigger Blazing Strikes and 15 stacks of Scourge of Darkness. Pretty awesome right there.

The Saboteur 4 piece bonus looks very good as well, but unless they nerf Sabdancer, the BD crystal will be better. I'm not sure why Trion keeps putting Frag bomb bonuses on Sab things. Frag bomb is garbage for everything. Very strange.
Posted by Dunsparrow


Speccy said...

Why do you think the BD one would be better than the sabo one? The only BD ability you're using in sabdancer is DS, and given ~70% crit in raids, and assuming you're using DD every ~6 seconds it would take you around 171 seconds to get it to 20 stacks. Even at 20 stacks with an extra 20% AP, in my experience I've seen that charges scale horrendously with AP, so the extra 150-200 ap really wouldnt benefit all that much. The Sabo synergy would effectively give you a 30% increase on every second spike charge detonate, which would increase dps by quite a bit.

July 17, 2011 at 1:25 AM  
Dunsparrow said...

It's possible that you're right. It would be worth modifying the rotation to use keen/precision instead of puncture to get stacks up more quickly and possibly even running a normal BD rotation for the first few seconds of a fight to get the stacks up.

Either way, it bears further testing. My inclination is that nothing is going to beat 20% attack power.

July 17, 2011 at 5:44 PM