The basis of most complaints about PvP balance stem from two areas.
  1. Class M (typically mage) just killed me with a 6320 crit.
  2. Class C (typically cleric) heals through virtually limitless amounts of damage.
It's hard to believe that both problems could co-exist on servers, and so Trion assumes that Clerics aren't really that strong, because after all, everyone has a screenshot of a 6k Fulminate and there are no screenshots of Clerics not dying because... well they're not dead, so what's to screenshot?

Trion has thus decided that crits are the problem and that crits need to be nerfed. No, not just Incinerate/Fulminate crits and Lightning Field/Soul Drain triple crits, but all crits.

The problem? Rogues are reliant on crits to deal damage, but we don't go around one-shotting (or even 10-shotting) anyone. We deal sustained damage with reasonable burst potential centering around cooldowns. Some of the burst may be a bit strong, depending on where Trion wants burst damage, but none of it is anywhere near the uberCrits being dished out by Mages and Clerics. In many ways, Warriors are in the same boat.

Therefore, Trion's across-the-board nerf to crit damage and base damage of all abilities hurts Rogues and Warriors the most, because our crits are being reduced just as much as mages, but we don't crit nearly as hard.

Here are some things Trion could do to fix the crit situations without ruining PvP:

  1. Take a look at the crit potential of each skill on a case by case basis. Incinerate, Fulminate, Lightning Field, Forked Lightning Soul Drain, Sanction Heretic, among others are all candidates for adjustment.
  2. On abilities that deal ubercrits, look at ways of making them usable more often, for less damage.
  3. Remove abilities that deal uber burst and replace them with abilities that deal less spike damage, but equivalent or more DPS.
  4. Increase the Endurance on PvP gear. Yeah, simple.
  5. Make burst abilities more avoidable and more obvious. If a mage is winding up a Cinderburst, lets see some Kah-meh-ha-meh-ha powerup action around him.
  6. Make burst abilities require setup abilities that give warning. Sab charges already work this way. Have powerful abilities require a debuff on the target or some other method to give warning that they're coming.
  7. Give penalties to burst abilities. Maybe casting Lightning Field should make the caster more vulnerable to magic damage. Maybe casting Soul Drain should reduce incoming healing.
  8. Reduce the contribution of Red Ball to high damage abilities, or give Red Ball a penalty like increased damage taken as well as dealt.
  9. Un-nerf CC a bit. Melee classes are not the problem, but are significantly impaired by targets being constantly immune to snares. Lets reduce snare immunity to 5 seconds. That will do a lot to stop the annoying bunnyhopping too.
  10. Increase the number and power of survival-oriented talents in the PvP trees for non-Clerics.
Trion needs to stop taking all their queues from WoW. If we wanted to play WoW, we wouldn't be here.
Posted by Dunsparrow