Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 8:16 PM |  
Mass Betrayal
+9 Charge
Generates chaos within the enemy's ranks, cursing up to 10 enemies within the targeted area. Abilities used by affected enemies cause the enemy, and up to 5 additional enemies within 7 meters, to suffer 82 Death damage and lose 30 Power or Energy, or Mana equal to 3% of the Mage’s maximum Mana each time they use an ability. This can occur up to 5 times over the next 15 seconds.
If you have one ability that does so many different things that you need a wall of text to describe it, it might be overpowered. Trion has done it again. If there is one thing they have down pat, it is overcompensating.

Dominators are already a pile of awesome because of their crowd control and nasty damage abilities, but the AOE and "shut down" ability of the Mass Betrayal skill really needs to be examined. It's a virtual disarm for any rogue or warrior that can't cleanse it, while simultaneously dealing damage every time you manage to get an attack off (which is about half as often as usual). To top it off, the damage it deals is AOE, so casting it on a group of players essentially turns them into chum. Stormcallers eat your heart out.
Posted by Dunsparrow