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If 1.3 goes live as it is, Trion has officially killed PvP.

I'm not being dramatic. I'm not using hyperbole. They clearly don't understand their own game. The #1 problem for mages, warriors and rogues right now is the extreme power of healing in PvP. In some ways this affects mages less, because they can heal themselves in many specs, but they still struggle with killing clerics.

It is undeniable and indisputable that Clerics are the hardest class to kill in PvP, especially healing clerics. I have been able to kill clerics in 1v1 situations, but most rogues can't. Most warriors cant even get close.

* Base Valor amounts have been adjusted to account for a significantly larger amount of damage reduction.
- Level 1-40 characters have 10% reduction.
- Level 40-50 characters scale through 11-20% damage reduction.
* Valor now reduces the critical hit damage bonus received from player hits, capping at 50%.
- Reduction scales based on character level.
- Level 50 characters with no additional Valor receive a 33.7% reduction in critical hit bonus damage.
- A full set of rank 2-3 PvP gear (356 Valor) provides a 50% critical hit bonus damage reduction.
* With the increase to base Valor, the amount provided by ranked PvP gear has been adjusted.
- Rank 1/2 sets provide 323 total Valor, for 26.9% damage reduction and 45.4% critical bonus damage reduction.
- Rank 3/4 sets provide 394 total Valor, for 32.8% damage reduction and 50% critical bonus damage reduction.
- Rank 5/6 sets provide 480 total Valor, for 40% damage reduction and 50% critical bonus damage reduction.
* Runes that grant Valor bonuses have their Valor stat values adjusted but still provide the same percentage of damage reduction.

What these notes mean is that the amount of damage in PvP is being severely cut across the board. Since healing will heal for the same amount against less damage being done, healing is going to be considerably stronger.

This is such a stupid decision (and a slap in the face) because healers are already the strongest classes in PvP by far. This decision has no logic or thought behind it whatsoever. It is simply an acrosss-the-board healing buff in a game already dominated by healers.

To be honest, I don't mind cutting damage dealt, as long it came with a corresponding healing decrease. It would make for longer and more interesting battles that emphasize teamwork. Instead, the game will now be decided by which team has more healers. It's also apparent that PvP gear will no longer be very important. PvE gear will rule with the static valor boosts.

Bottom line, clerics raiding Hammerknell will rule PvP. Everyone else will be their toys. There are some good changes being made as well, but in light of these healer buffs, they are truly inconsequential.

Two of them that I liked before reading about valor changes are fixing the bug with players becoming invincible when being stunned while jumping, and players being able to break channeled spells when running out of line of sight. Those are smart drops of rain into a sea of idiocy.

If 1.3 goes live with these valor changes, PvP will be retarded. I'm moving toward quitting the game, or just turning into a PvE-only guy.
Posted by Dunsparrow